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The Convair, Nordec and TWM Register
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Welcome to the Convair, Nordec and TWM Register.

This Register is open to anybody who is interested in Convair, Nordec or TWM cars or indeed any of the other "specials" that were built in the 1950's and 1960's. This was a busy time for the embryonic "Specials" building industry. Lotus is probably the best known of these early upstarts, but there were many more, including: Buckler, Dellow, Elva, Fairthorpe, Falcon, etc. Convair was one such company, finally splitting to become TWM and Nordec.

"Specials" were cars that were built from cheap car parts that were available at the time and clothing them with either a ready made body or one constructed by the individual. The aim was to produce a cheap, stylish - sometimes high performance car - compared with those available from the major manufacturers. They were commonly used  as a cheap way to enter motorsport and the quality varied enormously from the sublime to the downright dangerous, depending on the skill of the constructor.

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You can use this page to jump to other web sites related to Specials and Motorsport in general (for example):
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  • 750 Motor Club
  • Historic Sports Car Club
This page gives you a incite into the history of the two brothers who formed Convair and information on how the company progressed and finally disappeared.

There is also a section including some period adverts for the cars showing many of the different features available.

Photo Gallery

The Cars

This section contains a selection of pictures and a little detail on some of the cars. This section gives background information on each of the cars.

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If you have any information on Convair, Nordec or TWM cars or if you know someone who owns one or used to own one, or if you would like some more information you can find how to contact us by clicking this link.

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