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Period Adverts
Copyright Angus Dudley

Advert by Super Accessories for an early "complete" shell with no doors, bonnet, boot or headlight openings. The complementary comment was placed by Super Accessories too.

Early advert showing the Brooklands style windscreens and the standard position for the headlights if being used for racing. The steering wheel is also a Convair item - made from beech.

This advert shows the Roadster body with the headlights fitted to the end of the "pontoons". Also visible is the full width curved perspex windscreen. The new S-Type chassis is very low slung and weighs in at only 65lbs. It can accept a number of engine and running gear choices.

Convair have also started to advertise Aquaplane equipment together with their own improvements including gullwing hardtops and tonneaus.

Advert from the new Cathall Road works. The Le Mans style headlights are on display together with the Vee type glass windscreen. This car is also fitted with leather seats.

An early advert from TWM in 1960. TWM also supplied and stocked the full range of Aquaplane tuning parts.

A copy of the sales brochure cover for the Nordec Excell. Note the full name of the company is "The Nordec Engineering and Panel Company". They also produced bespoke glassfibre panels for cars, including the Austin Healey Sprite. Also of note is that the TWM advert and the Nordec advert show exactly the same car. This was Clive's own transport and is made from the original aluminium body built by Maurice Gomm. It was cherry red with grey leather interior and had a binnacle dash, S-type chassis and standard Ford engine and running gear.


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