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FT 4904 Convair GT
Copyright Angus Dudley

This car was purchased from Convair as the company was shutting down and many spares were acquired at the same time. The build took a long time and it passed to another enthusiast before it was completed. It was then purchased by Mr Haynes (of publishing fame) to add to his collection and now sits in his museum (The Haynes Motor Museum) in Sparkford. The car is fully serviceable.

It is built on a standard Ford chassis dating from 1939 and has a 1172cc Ford sidevalve engine. It also sports a Convair beech steering wheel, Convair radiator and Le Mans type headlights (although the plastic covers are now missing). A remote gear change has been added at some time although it is not a Convair unit. It is nicely trimmed with full carpets and is in very nice order.




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