PKK 145G
Copyright Angus Dudley

This car was originally registered in late 1968. It was purchased by its current owner in 1984 from a garage in Stevenage. It is registered as a BMC Special and is fitted with a BMC 1098cc A series engine, rack and pinion steering and MGB front brakes. The chassis is of tubular construction with trailing link and coil damper rear suspension with Panhard rod and independent front suspension. The chassis is very light and looks well made and designed but is not a Convair item.

The body is a TWM item in white, and has been highly modified. The back end has been "squared off" and the doors have been cut away. It appears to have an MGB windscreen, and the bonnet has been made into an all in one unit similar to that of a Triumph Spitfire, thus giving much greater access to the engine bay.

The car did briefly hold an MOT but is now awaiting restoration and with this specification should make a fine sportscar.






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