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XXB 742 Nordec
Copyright Angus Dudley


The was the original demonstrator used by Nordec (and TWM) and had an aluminium body made at Maurice Gomm's workshops in Byfleet with some help from Clive. It was also Clive's personal transport for a while. Since it was the demonstrator it was highly detailed and was fully trimmed and had grey leather upholstery and matching leather dashboard (including the binnacle). The car had BMC running gear and a standard BMC A-series Sprite engine.

The body was used to make both sets of moulds (for Nordec and TWM). Strictly speaking, this is actually a Convair Excell as it was made while Convair was still running. It was used in all the advertising photographs for Nordec and TWM and was sold to a customer through Nordec once Convair had ceased trading. The car was Cherry Red.





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